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Monthly Archives: December 2012

E-Commerce for Business: Why Your Business Needs an E-Commerce website Development Company

An E-Commerce Web Developer Absolutely Essential For your Business

Buying and selling have moved beyond traditionally accepted methods and concepts. Most people have adopted the electronic online route as being safe, fast, convenient and easy to sell and to buy. When you sell online or shop online, it is known as electronic commerce or e-commerce, in short.
Unlike earlier times, internet has become accessible to all. Once confined to the desktop, you can access internet while on the go through laptops and smartphones, a development that has boosted e-commerce. E-commerce covers the process of business strategies, banking, stock trading, auctions, online payments, tickets sales and purchase, buying and selling of products and services via the internet, all of which you can do through a mobile device like your smartphone with 2G or 3G internet.
Even small businesses that depend on some jobs blogs cannot afford to remain isolated from the web since most local searches by consumers involve smartphones and mobile websites. A mobile website is indispensable, even for retailers and for this you need a specialist E-commerce development company to set up an ecommerce enabled mobile website as an indispensable tool to increase customers and business.
Your friendly mobile e-commerce website developer will design and deploy the mobile website, targeting it at relevant customer base, while you can focus on handling the increased business
While choosing a specialist e-commerce mobile website Development Company, focus on one that uses Open Source Tools since these are versatile as well as facilitate upgrades besides being affordable. Open Source has a rich library of modular scripts and code for fast mobile websites development at low costs while having the highest levels of functionality.
Choosing mobile website developers who use open source has another advantage in that there is a vast community engaged in this area and your developer has access to all those tools like Zen Cart, X-Cart and VirtueMart. Your website will be future proofed and users will have a great experience, regardless of the type of mobile device they are using. However, Mavis Technology is fast replacing all others due to its rich features and ease of implementation and your mobile website developer probably uses this as the platform.
Pick the right E-commerce Mobile Website Development company to expand your business to greater heights.

Why You Need Mobile Website Today !

Mobile Websites The Need of the Hour

As mobile devices become sophisticated, they are increasingly used to carry out tasks we once used to do on laptops or desktops. One such task is searching online and online shopping for products and services. A survey shows that mobile marketing has spurred mobile users to go online. In response to a mobile advertisement, about 71% go online and search while 53% may make an online purchase after the search. In any case 90% of mobile searches lead to further action. Mobile local searches on Google number 4 billion and 61% result in purchases. 55% buyers have used their mobile device for this purpose. Given this statistic, mobile websites are the need of the hour for businesses to prosper. Americans frequently move and the mobile is their constant companion. Google statistics show that 50% of American residents owned a smartphone and 89% of smartphone owners used them throughout the day for surfing and other purposes.

Do You Have a Mobile Website?
Trends show that a mobile website is indispensable since most people use mobile devices at all hours of the day and at all places, not just for chatting but also for offline research and to stay current. Businesses therefore need to have websites that are consistent on the desktop and mobile platforms to provide a smooth user experience and derive results from this hugely promising avenue.
For developers Google’s GoMo is invaluable since it provides tools and helps developers develop mobile business websites as well as keep current with latest mobile trends and Google’s mobile best practices credo that includes accessibility, indexation and incorporation of Google’s AdWords and AdSense in marketing.

Expectations of Users
A compuware survey shows that consumers expect mobile performance, especially while browsing, to be similar to a desktop experience and are negatively influenced by slow loading mobile sites running away to better mobile sites and recommending these to others. The users also expect the same in jobs blogs or any other online publishing platform.

Google’s Mobile Movement surveys show that 95% of smartphone users search for local information and 61% of them follow it up with a call while 59% take the trouble to visit the location. About 90% of these users who carry out a search act within 24 hours of initiating it. This should make retailers sit up and take action to draw in smartphone users to their locations.

Apps or Websites
According to Adobe Mobile Experience Study on what users want from media, finance, travel and shopping, rather than use specific apps, mobile users prefer mobile websites in the ratio of 4:1. when it comes to purchasing the ratio is 3:2 and 4:1 when searching mobile sites for product reviews.

This makes it all the more imperative for businesses, even local retailers, to have a mobile website and make it a great one for users, comparable to desktop surfing. At the same time they need to coordinate marketing efforts to retain existing customers and attract new ones by leveraging the mobile advantage. Mavis Technologies is equipped with the best latest technology and experienced developers and designers to create mobile website for any client from all over the world.

Keep These in Mind While Developing Websites For Mobile Platforms

Mobile devices have inherent limitations and if you are developing mobile websites, keep the limitations of the mobile platform in mind. Though basic technologies for mobile and desktop websites are the same, you must consider the following while developing websites for the mobile platform. These are :

Mobile internet connectivity is inherently slow with high latency despite claims of broadband and high speed Wi-Fi or 3G. Besides, the hardware in mobile devices simply does not have capabilities to render graphic rich webpages the way desktop computers can. Mobile browsers also happen to be scaled down versions meaning they cannot cache CSS and JavaScript. You need to compress these to enable fast loading. Before you deploy, test the speed using Google’s Page Speed Online, an invaluable tool that also gives mobile web page optimization tips.

Mobile Screen
There are thousands of mobile devices in the market with varying screen sizes and low resolutions and a different aspect ratio compared to desktops. Keep the viewport in mind, taking the adaptive and responsive design route to ensure uniformity in looks and to ensure the page fits, regardless of the mobile screen characteristics.

Browser Standards and Technologies
Complicating the issue further is the use of various OS platforms in mobiles and different browsers with different layout engines, some of which may not be standards compliant. Some may lack support for CSS3 and HTML5. A developer needs to keep these factors in mind and also to refrain from using Flash, not supported in iOS. You can refer the email database or online mobile compatibility tables to know browser features and develop websites that load fast and look uniformly good, regardless of the mobile device.

Business Growth Mantra: eCommerce Website !

E-commerce Websites the Secret to Business Growth

Mavis Technologies has an interesting article outlining four very good reasons why any business needs an eCommerce enabled website if it is to prosper.

A web design and hosting company, we offer small and medium businesses a shared, affordable yet sophisticated shared hosting plan ideal for eCommerce websites. As a small business you will find our shared hosting plans with full back up support for your developers just the right thing to get started. Our technical staff, well versed in ASP.NET and SQL server implementations in Windows hosting environments set it up and coordinates with your developers. You have access to 24×7 support for guidance and assistance at all times for any site like online store, travel portal, astrological predictions site etc.
For more information on shared hosting for e-commerce websites contact Mavis Technologies. This company has the competence to develop world-class eCommerce websites.

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